Asger Hamerik's Choral Symphony

The Danish composer Asger Hamerik's Choral Symphony (op. 40, 1898-1906) for choir, orchestra and mezzo soprano solo to an original text by Asger Hamerik himself.


Hamerik figures in Danish music history as an important but rather neglected symphonist, in who's opus the Choral Symphony plays a leading role in the fullfilment of his artistic ambitions.


At Hamerik's own time he often was blamed for being too eclectic, shallow and banal. In contradiction to this, modern Danish music history has tried to positioning him as an important transitional figure between Niels W. Gade and Carl Nielsen. Especially due to his important symphonic production. This positioning conceals the unique artistic values present in a great deal of Hamerik's work, especially in the Choral Symphony.


The issue in focus of this thesis is that the textual and musical structuring are formally linked to each other through the use of leitmotifs in the Wagnerian and Berliozian sense, and by creating a symbolic analogy between the content of the text and Hamerik's use of the principles of the sonata form.


More Info: Thesis at University of Copenhagen, Institute for Arts and Culture, Department for Musicology

Publication Date: August 2005

Publication Name: Asger Hameriks Korsymfoni - Life, Death and Immortality

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